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-Interview with The Drinking Partners-

From behind the scenes to in front of the mic! After a live book reading and signing for Queen of Stars and Shadows, Cat sits with Pittsburgh's top-ranked podcast The Drinking Partners for a mead-laced interview. Listen in for a glimpse into her personal life, as there is no one who knows her better than co-host Day Bracey.

  • Cat Bruno Interview with the Drinking Partners
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-Interview with Grownup Human Comic People-

In this wild, two-part podcast, Cat has an unfiltered blast with true fantasy and comic fans, Grownup Human Comic People. Part roundtable, part ruckus! 

Part One
Part Two

-Interview with Start the Beat with Sikes-

Cat joins the Start the Beat with Sikes podcast for an in-depth discussion about the craft of writing and inspirational muses. An intriguing conversation ensues around anime and superheroes as Ms. Bruno shares how Eastern mythology and folklore came to play such a significant role in Queen of Stars and Shadows.

Start the Beat

-Interview with Marta on the Move-

Cat Bruno joins Marta Napoleone for a thirty minute interview to discuss being an independent author. In addition to chatting about the writing process, the two delve into character development and story building. And, for the first time, Cat gives listeners her thoughts on Conri! Tune in for minor spoilers.

  • Cat Bruno Interview with Marta on the Move
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  • Cat Bruno / Marta on the Move
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