The Girl from the North

In this top-selling epic series, follow Bronwen as she explores what it means to be god-touched. Long ago, she arrived at the Healer’s Academy with no memory of her past. Her fire-streaked hair marks her as a Northerner, yet there is much that she keeps hidden. After a moonlit meeting with the mysterious Conri, High Lord of the Wolf Tribe, she learns that the dark god Nox long ago claimed her, naming her Kingmaker. Now trained as a healer, Bronwen seeks her own path, far from the immortal’s gaze. Yet, soon, she realizes how closely she is watched, now and always.


Engaging and epic dark fantasy debut. 


Queen of Stars and Shadows

Syrsha bears the blood of gods and the darkened gaze of her father, yet she wanders far from the promised throne. For most of her life, Syrsha has lingered in exile, hidden from enemies both mortal and divine. Now, stronger than ever before, she longs to return to Eirrannia, the land her mother vowed to save. Across the seas, Jarek, an Elemental mage who commands sky and storm, readies himself for the battle that will soon commence. As sworn ally to Syrsha, he awaits her arrival with unspoken fear, for none know who she has become. But the High Lord desires his daughter’s return more than any, for he has sacrificed much for her to live. In search of an army, Syrsha travels east to Tian where men fight without weapon. And where the great cats welcome her as both enemy and kin.

Queen of Stars and Shadows

Daughter of the Wolf

How far must one travel to escape the gaze of a dark-shadowed god? After fleeing the Healer’s Academy, Caryss struggles against becoming little more than a plaything of the gods. Pregnant with a child who will be born of shadows and stars, Caryss searches for an army to protect her unborn daughter. Along the way, she finds help from a fallen mage, an exiled prince, a blood-stained shaman, and a boy who commands the skies. Yet, even with their assistance, Caryss cannot run far from the High Lord Conri, whose love for her is profaned and damaged. 

Mysterious and dark fantasy filled with epic adventure and magic.


Storms and Cinders

Syrsha has returned after moon years spent in exile to find her allies gathered at Wolfsbane – home of the Wolf Tribe. Her enemies gather, too: Lightkeepers who seek to kill all with dark blood; Cordisians who follow their king on his quest for vengeance; Crows who want the mortal realm as their own. But no enemy matters once the shadow god rises. At her side is Jarek – an Elemental mage who controls the skies, but desires the Rexterran throne. Yet even he fears her, for their kin are ancient foes. War comes, and no ally or sword can save Syrsha from the one who betrays her.


Pathway of the Chosen

An intoxicating blend of myth and madness.