The Girl from the North
Daughter of the Wolf
Queen of Stars and Shadows
Queen of Stars and Shadows
Storms and Cinders
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"A truly exceptional entertainment, "The Girl From The North" is author Cat Bruno's impressive debut novel and clearly documents her storytelling abilities for deftly created characters and unexpected plot twists. Very highly recommended for community library Fantasy Fiction collections." - Midwest Book Review
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Ancient gods inspire a modern crime in this intoxicating blend of myth and madness. 

Dandelion Jackman, a soon to be married newspaper photographer, has it all: a successful career, an ambitious and handsome fiancé, and blessings from the gods. 

However, a not so extraordinary day changes everything, and Dandelion discovers nothing is at it seems. Now, she will stop at nothing to even the scales of justice. 

Nemesis - balancer of life, daughter of Justice, and goddess of divine vengeance - arrives when Dandelion needs her most. What follows is a smart, suspenseful tale of one woman's quest for revenge.

Sometimes, anger is just fun.

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